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What is Realise the Dream

Realise the Dream - The National School Science and Technology Awards

Realise the Dream is a national event which acknowledges and celebrates New Zealand's finest examples of science research or technological development undertaken by secondary school students. It is an integral part of the celebration of science and technology excellence in New Zealand. The Royal Society is keen to build on this success and to further enhance the reputation of the event by ensuring all participants exhibit the excellence that is its hallmark.

Realise the Dream is the culmination of programmes and competitions such as regional Science and Technology Fairs, ETITO Bright Sparks and CREST. Students can also be nominated by their teacher if their teacher feels the student has undertaken an excellent piece of work.

To participate in Realise the Dream students must reach a very high standard. To ensure this is the case the judging criteria is transparent, rigorous and is applied equitably to each of the nominated students.

The activities at Realise the Dream will also reflect the excellence of these students. The programme will involve them in the exciting science and technology taking place in New Zealand and working with talented and inspirational people in these sectors. br>

Selection Process

Students can be nominated by their teacher or an existing national and science programme or competition. Nomination forms will be required to be sent to the Royal Society by 4 October 2013 so that the Realise the Dream judging panel can read them thoroughly before the panel meeting takes place.


There are a number of categories recognized at the Celebratory Awards function. They are the Genesis Energy Supreme Award, DairyNZ Outstanding Award and UNESCO Outstanding Award. There are also a number of travel awards and monetary awards. Every participant will receive $500 for being selected for Realise the Dream.

Objectives of Realise the Dream

Using young achievers and their achievements to promote science and technology to other young people and the community is one of the most powerful ways of encouraging them and others with potential.

Who are the major Sponsors?

The principal sponsor of this event is Genesis Energy and the support partners are the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO and DairyNZ.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Realise the Dream 2011. It definitely broadened my view on science. Seeing that I intend to study science at university in 2012, the activities and institutes that we visited gave an amazing insight and enlightened me about the diverse areas of science. I never really realised the diverse range of career options available in science. The friends I made from this event was definitely a highlight - friends that share the common love of science. Therefore I think the variety of team-building experiences we undertook were really important, especially seeing science is a team orientated field. I learnt so much and experienced so many unique opportunities"