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    Any of the Alt Eats mentioned on this weisbte would be great to check out- Columbus has a wide variety of small places serving great ethnic foods. As far as more traditional Columbus-y restaurants, I'd suggest North Star Cafe, Schmidt's Sausage Haus in German Village, Tip Top, Betty's or Surly Girl, Knead, maybe one of the Cameron Mitchell's restaurants like Cap City, Thurman Cafe for a Thurmanburger, or even The Refectory's bistro menu is pretty reasonable.
  • Pawan on 2015-Nov-09 19:16:08 Pawan said

    I would love for you to try Lac Viet's new Global Breakfast at their Bethel Center location. Fabulous fresh<a href=""> iniredgents</a> and a wonderful take on breakfast fare from around the world and very good prices. This is probably the first Asian resturant that serves breakfast, would make for a great review! Check it out!
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