Genesis Energy
Royal Society of New Zealand


Realise the Dream is thrilled to have the support of Genesis Energy and Royal Society of New Zealand- the principal sponsors of this event. We also acknowledge and thank all the other organisations that help sponsor the event and sponsor awards.

A full list of sponsors is provided with links to their websites.

Principal Sponsors
Genesis EnergyRoyal Society of New Zealand
The principal sponsors of Realise the Dream are Genesis Energy and Royal Society of New Zealand.

Genesis Energy is very proud to be the principal sponsor of ‘Realise the Dream’.  At Genesis Energy we recognise the importance of developing the potential of young people in our communities because, after all, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

We are working hard to make sure New Zealand has a bright future and one of the best ways we can do this is by making sure our young people have the opportunities to shine.  ‘Realise the Dream’ gives students this opportunity by recognising outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology – both are areas where Genesis Energy continually strives for excellence.

‘Realise the Dream’ is an integral part of our commitment to work with New Zealand’s young people by recognising their boundless creativity and energy which will not only enhance their future opportunities, but the future of our country.

Supporting Partners

Dairy NZ NZ Unesco

Award Sponsors

and the following support in principle:

Additional Support

The Royal Society of New Zealand would also like to thank the following organisations who provide workshops and support during the event.
Massey University
Genesis Energy
Liggins Institute
Intellectual Property Office New Zealand